Pre-Planning Office 5S - Some Thoughts

Calendar has April for 5S of the Office and Record Storage Areas
Pat is the coordinator\team leader

Need to select and get team members
Members need to meet and discuss agenda and how to do

Preliminary choice of team members:
Pat Burke, Martha Baker and Pat Holley-have prior experience being on 5S events
Wayleen Sutton, Traci Swift and Krystal Norman-no prior experience doing 5S Possible pair off people with no prior experience with people with experience

Need to do training on 5S-(thoughts) people can only perform up to their level of training and experience

Team needs to set 5S targets-(thoughts) this needs to be their 5S and it needs to be a positive experience

Need to take before pictures, document event and take after pictures

Need to email people in office for their input in selecting 5S targets

This is an elephant