Weekly Status\Progress of Office 5S

Week 1
A lot of progress made as follows:
WS work area
Drawers organized, got roller cart for easier access to certain binders

By Coke machine
Removed two large glass partitions and plant

Kitchen area
Shelve installed for more counter space by coffee machine, still looking for hutch for additional storage
Cleaned in and around refridgerator

Copy-Fax-Mail area
Improved locations of equipment and bulletin boards for easier access
Got nicer mailboxes and mounted above table (easier to see and reach)
Got equipment wires off floor (looks nicer and easier to clean floors)
Mounted wall holders and signage for outgoing mail and fax cover sheets
Removed bulleting boards by copy machine
Created specific location for small tools

Old Plant Record Storage Area
After team discussions and with input from other departments came up with the following plan.
Relocate office record storage area to another room. QA engineer will move to old office record storage area. Machining supervisor will move to QA engineer old room.
Moved a lot of old furniture to 5S red tage area (JPE area)
Moved old records (boxes) to new office record storage area

Tooling Engineer Office
Rearranged furniture for better work flow
Moved in blueprint printer
Sorted out stuff in cabinets

QA Audit Area
Moved workstation to QA Inspection Office in Plant
Moved out desk and PC
Moved in blueprint copier
Moved in Tooling Engineer files

Week 2
Foyer Area
Rearranged pictures, painted trim and removed plant

Admin Assistant Work Area
Relocated PC
Put dot matrix printer on stand under desk area
Changes above created a lot more work area on desk

New Plant Record Storage Area
Put in two six foot shelf units
Put up a wall (used existing partitions) to create a seperate space for this new storage area
Moved items (PC's, Janitorial Supplies, etc) from old location to new location
To put shelves in closet for box storage

Computer Closet
Purged a lot of old stuff-creating an additional empty shelf for storage and organization
Rearranged and organized items in closed
Got a tool box for better storage and utilization of tools

Removed unused bulletin board from outside of tooling engineer office

Week 3
Office Record Storage Room
Purged and organized contents of filing cabinets
Purged and organized binders on shelves
Labeled filing cabinets and shelves
Removed items that did not belong to other storage areas and red tag area

Old Plant Record Storage Area (to be QA office)
Run ethernet cable to this room (will be an office now)
Remove all remaining items from office (furniture, partition, etc, etc)
Cleaned room from top to bottom
Stripped and waxed the floors

Week 4
Finishing up a lot of miscellaneous items
QA office set up in old plant record storage area
Machining manager moved to old QA office

Thanks to everyone for a job well done!