Office 5S Targets

03-14-06 Walk-Through-Possible Target Items

Kitchen Area
Table by microwave take out
Box by refridgerataor take out
Clean top of refridgerator-stuff accumulated

Fax\Copy Area
Possibly put shelves in space by copy machine to hold-punches, staplers, etc

QA Audit Area
No room on desk
PC take out
Chair needs to be cleaned Possible move filing cabinets from Tool Eng. office

HR Assistant Area
Take little table out
Move typewriter & stand from Admin Assist. area

QA Manager Area
Major overhaul
Possibly get another 4 drawer filing cabinet

Admin Assistant Area
Possible move computer to right side of desk and move typewriter & stand to HR assistant area

Tooling Engineer Area
Move 3 each 4 drawer filing cabinets to QA Audit Area. Possibly rearrange desks. Put blueprint printer (in QA audit area) on long shelf. 5S items in cabinets

Foyer Area By glass sliding window
Redo wall pictures, change-out plant and paint wood by glass

JP Office
Box on floor

By Coke Machine
Remove two clear and one solid partition
Remove plant

Computer closet
Major reorganization

Office record storage closet
Record retention purge, sort and organize

Plant record storage office
Major overhaul