Training for Office and Office Storage Areas 5S

First Meeting on 03-20-06 from 1:00 – 3:00 –Training and Discussion on 5S

View and review-5S Basic Training Powerpoint - 5S basics and Lean Terms (1,299KB) 
Quick review of “Lean Manufacturing Laundry List” - Listing of many Lean tools and concepts 
Quick review of “Where Did Lean Manufacturing Come From” - Background information on Lean 
Review of Chapter Summaries\Conclusions (3-7) from the book - 5S for Operators 
In the second meeting will review pictures and diagrams the "5s for Operators" book
Discuss Red Tagging and create a red tag area
Pass out additional reading material on 5S (team to read before next meeting)
Discuss Muda from bad systems (two examples-powerpoint): - Birthday card muda  and Muda of missing check 

Review pictures previously taken of possible 5S targets: (examples) BD office, BD cabinets, computer closet, office document storage closet, QA audit desk, QA manager area, conference room, plant record storage area, etc.

Possible 5S targets can also be paperwork and flow of paperwork, forms, procedures, policies, etc. Anything office related where waste can be removed. Also think of possible 5S targets in team members work areas.

Second Meeting on 03-23-06 from 1:00 – 3:00 – Training Continued

Discuss pictures and diagrams in the book “5S for Operators” - (PB borrow five books from others for team members)

Different people have different schedules of “have to do work” during the week lets discuss how to pair off people in groups of two’s or three’s. Pair off in teams (don't go it alone):
Pat Burke & Martha Baker
Pat Holley & Traci Swift
Wayleen Sutton & Krystal Norman

Team members select first 5S target areas. In follow up meetings select other 5S targets.

Do a plant walk through - Look for examples of 5S at TDC Discuss what we see during the walk through.

Team pick a day to meet each week to discuss 5S progress and future target area assignments. From 11:30 – 12:30 Lunch provided by TDC.

Some parting thoughts: Try improving some area that is causing stress, make it fun, document improvements (in writing and with before and after pictures).