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What would happen to the 5S’s without Sustain (discipline)? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few that come to mind:

  • No matter how often the 5S ‘ s were implemented, 5S conditions would fall apart in no time and the workplace would be dirty and chaotic again.
  • Unneeded items would begin to pile up as before.
  • Tools, brooms, shovels, dies, etc. would not get returned to their proper place and we would be forced to run all over the place trying to find them..
  • No matter how dirty equipment became, little or nothing would be done to clean it.
  • Team members would neglect to wear safety equipment or leave things on the floor and an injury would occur.
  • Dirty machines would start to malfunction and produce defective parts.
  • Dirt from the floor would spread to the work area itself and cause defects.
  • Dark, dirty, disorganized work areas would lower morale.
  • Customers would become disgusted by the dirty conditions and look for someone else to do their products.

These 5S related problems and others are likely to occur in a workplace that lacks ‘discipline’.

So, how do we maintain 5S, we must demonstrate ‘discipline’ or ‘sustain’. It means to make a habit of properly maintaining correct procedures over time. When you see something out of place, correct it. When you have an assignment complete it and have it in on time. When you see an area that needs a 5S event, have it.

When we all decide that we are really wanting to work in a safe environment, that is clean, well organized, efficient, and fun we use all the tools of 5S. So lets make TDC a ‘world class’ company by demonstrating ‘discipline’.

Thank You,
Your 5S Development Team

Source-TDC Newscast Newsletter March 2002

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