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July 8-12, 2002

Team members: E.P. Popplewell, Pat Holley, Alvinetha Handy, Debbie Roach, Kent Frame


  • Work table (pictures below) painted and organized with labels
  • General cleaning and painting of machining areas
  • CNC Lathe - mounted fan (improved work area)
  • Installed electric plug-ins eliminating many extension cords

This event took a total of 120 hours to complete.

    Some of the benefits:

  • Easier to find tools
  • Work table improvements will save considerable time doing set-ups
  • Found 10% more space in the machining area

             Pictures taken before the 5S event

cabinet is messy


Which drawer is it in?

            Same cabinet as above after the 5S event.

remarkable difference

Click here for other pictures taken of the 5s event.