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       April 1-5, 2002

       Team members: E. P. Popplewell, Jim Walker, Allen Daniel, Jimmy Choate
       and Maria Chavez


  • Tool board was redone (outlining method)
  • Worktable and work instruction area redone
  • Parts racks were stripped, cleaned and organized.
    Parts list created and attached to the rack.
  • Toolboxes and equipment were cleaned, locations outlined
  • General cleaning and painting of the area

This event took a total of 170 hours to complete.

    Some of the benefits:

  • Easier to find tools and parts
  • Found $1,000 worth of replacement parts we were about to order
  • Found 20% more space in the maintenance area

             Pictures of the tool rack after the 5s event

Click here for pictures taken before and during the 5s event.

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