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July 22 through July 26, 2002

Team members: LaRhonda Darden, John Oxton, Pat Burke, Paula Foote, Hector Hernandez, Norma Garay, and Linda Rowland

This event took a total of 264 hours to complete.


  • Cleaned out unneeded items stored in the QA Lab.
  • Cleaned out all needed items in QA Lab (for relocation).
  • Cleared out unneeded items and unused gages from the Eagle acquisition in QA Dimensional Inspection Area.
  • Removed the pegboard full of visual samples.
  • Removed unneeded files and documents in QA Filing System.


  • Organized retained items in QA Lab and QA Dimensional Inspection Area.
  • Segregated and labeled the majority of gages used for inspection.
  • Moved an additional worktable to the QA Lab to aid in streamlining the first part inspection process.
  • Moved optical comparator, two (2) gage storage cabinets, and layout binder cabinet.
  • Labeled items and areas in the QA Lab.
  • Organized filing cabinets in a logical manner.
  • Labeled files and file drawers.
  • Segregated SPC paperwork to area where inspection is completed.


  • Painted the QA Lab walls, shelving and inspection table.
  • Painted the QA Die Casting Workstation.
  • Repaired and painted the carts used for Final Inspection Areas.


  • Standardized the documents and equipment needed for first part inspections.
  • Standardized the SPC documents needed in their specific areas.
  • Arranged and labeled gages.
  • Standardized QA files.


  • Revised QA Weekly Check Sheet to include inspections of items covered in the QA 5S event.

REMAINING ACTION ITEMS-LaRhonda-work with maintenance to determine best method to get vinyl baseboard properly secured.  Linda-order an additional drop gage so SPC inspections can be completed in the QA Dimensional Inspection Area.  Paula-complete filing cabinet tabs.

             Pictures taken of team members performing the 5S

clean and paint


repair cart

one room painted

clean cabinets

clean lights


review red tags

red tag area

Click here for before and after pictures of the 5s event.

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