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Date: April 2, 2003

Attending: Dusty, Jerry, Jimmy, Bill, James, Terry, John H
Cc: Scott

1.Identify the Constraint (State the Problem):
Improve shots per shift on die cast machine #14 (mainly 7 inch XXX body)

2.Exploit (Define causes and cures):

  • Not locking with proper tonnage.
  • Sprue sticking or runner sticking in “A” plate.
  • Pressure not staying consistent.
  • Mechanical arm for lock up not working properly.
  • Metal getting too hot.
  • Die close speed control valve.
  • Die opening to fast.
  • Not shutting off the shot bottle accumulator handle.
  • Slow shot speed valve also adjust fast shot speed.
  • Breaking too many cores.

  • Not locking with proper tonnage, Pressure not staying consistent and mechanical arm for lock up not working properly.
  • Speed control valve and Die opening too fast.

  • Verify proper lock up tonnage is consistent. (JC, JB, JH) by 5-7
  • Verify mechanical lock up arm is working properly. (JL) by 5-7
  • Look into slow shot and fast shot interaction. (JB) by 5-7
  • Verify sprue and spreader have correct “dutchman”. (BE)
  • Verify “dutchman” in “A” plate. (JH, JL). by 5-2
  • Make sure cooling saddle is being used on this job. (JL) by 5-5
  • Make sure metal temperature is correct on set-up sheet. (JB) by 5-5
  • Make sure furnace is not over shooting the metal temperature (JC) by 5-5
  • Fix closing speed valve for die. (JC) by 5-16
  • Fix shut off valve to shot accumulator so the machine cannot be turned off unless the shut off valve is off. (JC, BE) by 5-16 —
  • Make a tool ticket to fix the racks on XXX 7 inch body. (JH) by 5-2
  • Fix “racks” on Hayden 7 inch body die. (BE)

3.Subordinate (Involve\train others):
Team members assigned action items and completion dates (CURES-above)

4.Elevate (Document improvement):
(to be completed)

5.Inertia (Celebrate success):
Target the next biggest herbie for improvement


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