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Lean Mfg.


IDENTIFY: Need to increase through-put on constraint resource (die cast machines).


  • Was using false productivity numbers based on operator up-time
  • Had no scoreboards for posting results
  • No method for assuring sufficient machine availability

  • Change measurement to 100% utilization based
  • Create daily and monthly scoreboards for operators and entire shift
  • Developed form for "machine availability" assurance


  • Production scheduling started reporting shots per hour based on 24 hours/day in lieu of "up-time"
  • Process engineering developed a daily spreadsheet which documented shots per hour and posted daily for all three shifts
  • Die cast department established benchmark and goals for 2000, 2001 and 2002, conducted shift-wide brainstorming sessions for improvement actions
  • Support departments agreed to increase labor when needed to support machine availability

ELEVATE: Removed "special" causes of individual shift constraints, increased overall through-put by 27%.

INERTIA: (CELEBRATE) Named "Through-Put Improvement Team" as the team of the year, furnished prizes for each quarter over goal and most importantly, we are making more money now and in the future.

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