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   Texas Die Casting – TOC Memo

Date: August 14, 2003

To: John Howze, Bill Evans, Billy Diviney, Martha Baker, David Pack and Mike Korsmo
Cc: Scott Daniel, John Oxton, Joe McKeown, Dusty Johnson

RE: Tooling that runs Multiple Part Numbers:

1.Identify the Constraint (State the Problem):
Wrong part numbers are set-up in tools and ran in production

2.Exploit (Define causes and cures):

  • People can not read part prints
  • People are not following procedure
  • Prints are difficult to read and confusing
  • TDC does not have all of the current prints in all of the controlled areas
  • Confusing because of the number of new parts that came in all at once
  • No Instructions or matrices to help indicate the difference between the various part numbers
  • More than one tool can make a series of part numbers
  • No tool number on the line-up sheet
  • Tool Room and QA are not verifying that the correct part number is set-up in the correct tool
  • Do not have a procedure that covers multiple part numbers being ran in one tool
  • Die Repair checklist does not have a check off for verifying the part number is correct
  • No process flow diagrams in procedure (needed to identify who is to do what and when)
  • Limited up front planning at TDC and on the part of the customer.
  • No control plans or errors on current control plans to verify the part number is correct
  • Tool Tickets are identified by part number and work may not be completed if another part number is listed

  • Need Part Matrix for similar parts
  • Need to develop a book of pictures that identifies the specific differences between similar parts
  • Need to make sure controls plans identify that the part number is correct.
  • Need to make sure die repairman’s checklist identify that the part number is correct
  • Need to conduct various levels of training on print reading

3.Subordinate (Involve\train others):

1. Matrix Team to design and implement matrices, picture books and work instructions required
   a. Team members include: Bill, Billy, Martha, David and Terry
   b. MEETING ON AUGUST 25, 2003 at 2:00 pm: 5 Step Form Used in the Meeting
(the link above is another example of using the 5 Step Form by the "Matrix Team" in developing the matrix)

2. Advance Planning Team to coordinate all new transfer work with Joe McKeown
   a. Team members include: Bill, Billy, Martha, David and Terry

3. Training on print reading to be reviewed and method of instruction will be developed by David Pack
   a. Until 2nd and 3rd Shift personal are train they can request help from the Tool Room Machinists


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