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September 12, 2002 Meeting

Present: John Howze, James Lincoln, Darrin McCain, Loyd Aga, Terry Pille, Jerry Brown, Bill Evans
Cc: Scott Daniel

Identify the Problem: Scrap for SHD Covers in August was $X,XXXX.


Exploit (Identify causes and cures)

Possible Causes: A) BLISTERS
Issues with blisters
(1) Trapped Air
(2) No Water
(3) Metal Temperature too high

Possible Cures: BLISTERS - Issues 1-3

Issue (1) - Possible Causes
Radius leading into center section of parts between ribs is larger on Cavity #6 than Cavity #5 .
Increase vent widths in two locations
Increase part thickness were blisters occur
Not cleaning out vents & improper spray pattern by operator
Shot parameters not set correctly
Large step in gate where shot block insert meets cavity inserts (need to blend)

Issue (1) - Possible Cures and Actions Required:
Jerry Brown and Bill Evans write tool ticket to:
  • Make radii flowing into center area of parts the same on both cavities
  • Increase vents in two locations
  • Blend main runner to remove step which causes turbulence
  • D/C Foreman prepare Cavities 3 & 4 to go into the machine
  • D/C Foreman pull Cavities 5 & 6 out and send to the tool room
  • Jerry Brown to review new tool make sure above issues are acceptable

Issue (2) - Possible Causes
Water not hooked up at Set-Up
Water turned off during production
Lack of water supply

Issue (2) - Possible Cures and Actions Required:
D/C Foreman to ensure the water is properly hooked up, turned on and sufficiently flowing.

Issue (3) - Metal Temperature too high

Issue (3) - Possible Cures and Actions Required:
James Lincoln to get EP to check furnace to ensure the proper settings
James Lincoln & D/C Foreman to instruct furnace tenders on proper metal temperature
Jerry Brown modify set-up sheets to verify metal temp- (temp min/max /do not run below)

Identify the Possible Causes : B) SMALL BISCUITS

Possible Causes: SMALL BISCUITS
Issues with B) SMALL BISCUITS:
Issue (1) - Operator Not Pouring Enough Metal in Chamber
Issue (2) - Die Spitting

Issue (1) - Possible Cures
Train operators
Use correct ladle size
Do not use launders

Issue (1) - Possible Actions Required for Cures:
D/C Foreman to train operators on proper pouring techniques
Jerry Brown to add "Do Not Use Launders" on Work Instruction and Set-Up Sheet

Issue (2) - Possible Cures:
Square machine at each set-up
Do Not to run machine when die is spitting
Check for other issues before squaring the machine, ie check tie bar nuts, flash, etc.
Put key switches on die height adjustment

Issue (2) - Possible Actions Required:
Jerry Brown to modify Set-Up sheets to show machine to be squared at each set-up
Jerry Brown to modify Work Instruction to show NOT to run machine when die is spitting
John Howze to make a checklist for things to do before squaring the machine
John Howze to talk to Jimmy to see if we can put key switches on die height adjustment

All actions need to be completed prior to the next run. The next run will be sometime this month



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