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Recommended Reference Material

To have a basic understanding of TOC it is good to read the book "The Goal". It is quite long (330+ pages) but enjoyable. If you don't have time to do this (time constraints), then I highly recommend getting or renting the video "The Goal". It is amazing how this 45 minute video covers all the main points of the book. I watch it once a year just to stay focused and energized. Below is a link to the Goldratt Institute where this video can be purchased or rented.

The Goal - video link

To understand what LEAN is all about I highly recommend listening to the audio CD "Lean Thinking".  The link to the audio CD is below.

The books below are ones I especially like. I have read a lot of the books out there on TOC, LEAN, etc. The ones below are what I would call keepers.

If you click on the book links they will take you to where you can review the complete table of contents and preview the books.   Also, if you purchase from the Amazon links below this web site collects a small amount from the sale (your price remains the same). Thanks for your support!

Also, you might want to take a look at the Amazon used sections. Some of the items there are new (or in mint condition) at reduced prices. I have done this several times with excellent results.

In no special order here they are:



Many booklets by Norman Vincent Peale on Faith, Hope and Positive Thinking.  These are freely downloadable E-Books(adobe reader files).  One I especially like is called "Thought Conditioners".

Guideposts E-BOOKS


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