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Internet connection constraints? Are you constrained by only one telephone line and a slow connection.

Here is a way to view these pages and links in the off-line mode.

When at this site do this for the main page, for the TOC page, Lean page and Quote page.

    Using Internet Explorer
  • Click on the Favorites button
  • Click on Add
  • Put a check in the box Make available offline and click the Customize button, click next
  • Click Yes on the radio button, put a 1 for links deep, click the next button
  • Click only when I choose (syncronization), click the next button
  • Click No (password), click finish

The web page and pages linked to the page will down load to your hard drive.

Be patient...this may take several minutes.

Now without being connected to the internet you can view these pages. In Internet Explorer click on File and click on Work Offline. Click on the favorite place.

To return to the online mode click on File and click on Work Offline.