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"Complicated solutions don't work, simple one's might." E. Goldratt

Welcome to tocforme.  At this site are examples of problem solving using the 5 focusing steps of TOC(Theory of Constraints).  Also, getting better organized and reducing waste using 5S (sort, set-in-order, shine, etc.).

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General TOC Info
Why TOC Works   Key Elements of TOC,  
Let's Help Herbie Win,   5 step in "The Goal" (CIRAS)
Overview of TOC   Intro to TOC web slide show (CIRAS),  
Basic Training,   Questions about TOC?(MAAW web site)
Why Lean, TOC, 6 Sigma?,   Stress Management
Comparison of traditional, ABC, Lean and TOC
More thoughts on Herbie
See also More Info (below)

The 5 Step Process of Ongoing Improvement
What is the 5 Step Process,  
Examples Using the 5 Step Form,
5 Step Form (HTML),   5 Step Form in Excel   

Evaporating (conflict) cloud
Explanation of Clouds and Other Thinking Processes (TP),  
Examples of Clouds,   PPT Into to the TP,  
Using TOC Logic Tools in Public Schools,  
Cloud Form in Excel   

Web slide show TOC in Medicine,  
Improvement Initiatives of the Last 20 years,  
A Simple Example of using the Thinking Process,  
About this Site,   Translator,   Quotes and More,  
Special Thanks  

More Info (book summaries, etc)
Recommended Reference Material
Implementing TOC (adobe reader file)
The Goal (MAAW web site)
Theory of Constraints (MAAW web site)
TOC Section of the MAAW web site
What is 5S and why do it?
The New Economics - Deming (MAAW)
W. Edwards Deming Section (MAAW)


 Focusing on
the weak links



About 5S
5S Examples
5S Training

5S Event Training Guide

5S Basic Training
(Powerpoint 1.3M)

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