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                          Let's Help Herbie Win!

I guess everyone's been hearing a lot about Herbie these days.   If you've seen 'The Goal", you know Herbie was the slowest marcher on the hike, and therefore the success of the entire troop was tied directly to Herbie's performance. (If you haven't seen the movie, something's wrong.)

Well, if you recall, Herbie didn't even know he was the problem, until they "identified" him as the "constraint".  They knew they would have to improve Herbie's hiking speed if they were going to finish on time.

By everyone helping to carry Herbie's stuff, they all "subordinated" themselves to the problem, thus speeding up or "elevating" his performance.

We have the same situation all over our plant.   Some step in your operation, a particular die or tool, or even someone in your department is a Herbie.   Maybe, it's you!   It's O.K. to be Herbie, as long as we identify and elevate the constraint (Herbie).

If we don't, we will continue to march to the same old slow pace, and everyone will lose.   Where's Herbie?   Find him, and let's help him win.   Do it today!   (TDC NEWSCAST)

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