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  • The Goal of any company should be to “ make more money now and in the future ”. Putting it another way, profit is not a bad word.
  • Every process has constraints which keep it from operating at the highest level possible. ( Herbies ) These problems must be identified and fixed.
  • Through-put, or increasing production out-put, is the main focus of T.O.C.. Everyone must strive to constantly increase good castings.
  • Involve others in the improvement process. Remember, two minds are always better than one.
  • Avoid using the “ Insulation Layers “ when discussing your problems. Saying “ it’s not my fault “ or “ we don’t have time “ never improves anything.
  • The only real improvements are permanent improvements. Everyone must buy in to the need for continuous improvement, at all levels.

By recognizing the benefit of our Theory of Constraints training, we all become better, more effective members of a successful company. Each and every department plays a significant role in the performance of our company. Each and every employee has an obligation to strive to improve their contribution to our mutual success. Remember, it’s okay to be the Herbie, as long as you are actively improving to not be our constraint. (TDC NEWSCAST)

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