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Everyone should have a goal to reduce the amount of stress in their jobs. However, to do this, one must recognize what causes stress in the first place. Work related stress comes from the following:

  • feeling you are unable to solve your problems
  • rationalizing poor performance or behavior
  • the concept that you are being treated unfairly
  • the pressure of feeling you have too much to do

However, you will find that by using the five focus steps of T.O.C. (identify, exploit, subordinate, elevate, celebrate), you will find that:

  • there are no unsolvable problems
  • poor performance is documented and cured
  • you discover “why the company does what it does"
  • you document your duties, then create a plan for timely completion.

The Theory of Constraints focuses the pure light of truth on any issue, thus washing away the insulation layers and rationalizing that keeps us all so stressed out. Make T.O.C. a major ingredient in your daily work. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better.

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