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July 2004 MAIN & LEAN Pages 5S Basic Training Powerpoint
Jan-May 2004 Too busy to add info to site Record Sales and Throughput
Dec 2003 TOC Main Page Clouds\Other - To keep or not keep an old truck
Dec 2003 Main Page CIRAS link to web slide show on TOC
Nov 2003 TOC Pages CIRAS site redesigned-links quit working. To update and include links to CIRAS site and info soon.
Oct & Nov 2003 Various Pages Links to, Lean, etc, etc
September 2003 TOC Pages Several more 5 step examples
June - August 2003 TOC & LEAN Pages More 5 step & 5S examples
May 2003 LEAN Page 5S of Areas behind the building
Apr. 2003 TOC Page Added more 5 step examples
Apr. 2003 Many Pages Modified many links so they would work in Netscape Navigator
Mar. 2003 Many Pages Modified fonts so that pages are easier to read
Feb. 2003 Main More links. PPT TOC in Medicine is great. More Quotes,etc
Jan. 2003 LEAN Page Plant-wide 5S event. Web slide show of the event.
Dec. 2002 TOC Page Why TOC works for business
Dec. 2002 LEAN Page 5S Event Training
Dec. 2002 TOC Page(Other) The Last 20 Years of Improvement Initiatives in 3 Minutes
Nov. 2002 TOC Page Explanation of the Evaporating cloud and other thinking processes
Nov. 2002 TOC Page Time Cloud
Nov. 2002 TOC Page Cloud - Get a new car
Nov. 2002 LEAN Page Birthday card muda
Nov. 2002 LEAN Page Stockroom 5S event
Oct. 2002 TOC Page In OTHER-Thoughts on Herbie
Oct. 2002 QUOTE Page Weird Things & Things about Texas-bottom of the page
Sept. 2002 LEAN Page Finishing 5S event
August 2002 Main, TOC & LEAN Easier to navigate and external links and ppt files open in a new window
August 2002 LEAN Page Tool Room 5S event
August 2002 LEAN Page Quality Assurance Dept 5S event
July 2002 TOC Page Links to examples using TOC logic tools in schools (
July 2002 TOC Page More conflict cloud examples
July 2002 LEAN Page Machining Dept 5S event
06-23-02 TOC Page Adding conflict cloud examples
06-19-02 TOC Page Performance logic (powerpoint)
05-21-02 Main Page Key Elements of TOC
05-21-02 Quote Page Moments-beautiful powerpoint slideshow with flowers and quotes
05-16-02 Lean Page Importance of 5S
05-06-02 Quote Page I have learned(more), Cracked Pots & Donkey Stories
04-13-02 Lean Page Starting to add 5s success stories
04-13-02 TOC Page TOC as stress management
04-13-02 TOC Page Revised the 5 step form and added a Spanish version of the TOC Powerpoint slideshow
04-05-02 This site Improved the look
03-03-02 TOC Page 5 Step Successes - eliminate 40% waste
03-03-02 TOC Page A machining success story (includes detailed meeting notes)
03-03-02 Lean Page 5S without discipline = ?
02-19-02 TOC Page Why you do - Lean, Six-Sigma, TOC
02-16-02 TOC Page Increase Through-Put (5 step format)
02-16-02 TOC Page Other examples of using the 5 step form
02-03-02 Quote Page Additional items added
01-31-02 TOC Page Powerpoint file - Introduction to the Thinking Processes (91k - right click and download)
01-20-02 Main Page Altavista language translator link
01-20-02 PC Page How to work offline using I.E.
01-20-02 TOC Page Sort Time Improvement
01-20-02 TOC Page Printable 5 Step Form